Ursula [live] Konzert

Ursula [live] Konzert

Samstag, 18. März 2023


Gesang //Synthie // Konzert //

Doors: 20.00 Uhr

Due to the current political situation in Georgia, the two bands SKAZZ and STRESS are cancelled with heavy hearts. Ursula will nevertheless perform as an act and will be integrated into KLUBNACHT X ALLER ENDE ANFANG.

URSULA [live] (GER)

Ursula is a synthpop duo from East Germany. They combine sequencer basses live with drum synths and keys. The music is inspired by NDW, punk, coldwave and 80s synthpop. Driving basses and drums underpin catchy melodies and spherical sound carpets. Ursula's average speed is 180bpm. Lyrics performed in German are about loneliness, staring at walls, a counterpart. Marcus and Joseph met as musicians in various punk bands in Halle (Saale) and developed their first song ideas on toy e-drums and a home organ. They quickly expanded their repertoire and played local gigs. At the same time, they delved deeper into the possibilities of synthetic sound production. In 2019, their first album "Ursula" was initially released on tape. At the suggestion of the Damaged Goods DJ team, Young&Cold Records decided to release a split LP with material by Ursula and Frederik Schikowski. This was released in spring 2021.