NOISE 24h transit re:opening

Samstag, 2. September 2023

02.09. - re:opening/42/24h After the summer break, our favorite old station building is back in action! Join us for the first ever 24-hour reopening party where the rave equation is simple: 42. We've got 42 artists lined up from everywhere, ready to pump up the energy. During the break, we've spruced up our space, reimagining it for maximum vibes. Expect revamped floors, an outdoor area, and surprises that'll keep you dancing, grooving and guessing. So mark your calendars, because on the first weekend of september it's time to experience the magic. Let's dive back in, full throttle! Line Up : 60er Körnung Andrenaut Aníqua Anthony Johnson Bataclan Bayorella Bela Bender Cid Hohner CSP Dieter Flegel D.I.S eloi em.ævi Fahed:Helmut FALS Felde Ferdi Schuster Francis Nada Jebovski Jeronimo Kaya Lady Bug Lion Bakman Malibu Stacy Nidardø Nivek Sirrom No.Ri OELV Otto August Rafush Ryba S.Winger Satana SubkoØne Tiner Unknown Vato Wesley Artwork : lanafant